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z39.50 Self Validation App


Use this web page to test the configuration of your z39.50 server. You should confirm that your configuration works before submitting it to IA. Please be sure that our IP ranges are whitelisted on your server:

Fill out the forms below. You must fill out all of the Z Target fields with the exception of user and password (if they are not required to connect to your catalog). You must fill out any Z Profile fields for which IA will need to use to search for records. It is preferable that as many Z Profile fields as possible be filled out. Finally, fill out the Test Search firlds to attempt to retrieve a record from your catalog. You can repeat this with any search type definied in the Z Profile fields. We will attempt to fetch a record from your catalog using the search query. If there are more than one record matching that query, we will retrieve the first one.

Once you have verified that IA can retrieve records from your catalog for all search types required, you can copy the contents of Target XML and Profile XML and provide them to IA to add your catalog permanently to our system. Please be sure to check the character encoding on the retrieved records to ensure that diacritics and other characters appear to be encoded properly.

z39.50 Configuration

Z Target

This is the information required to connect to your catalog. (More instructions later).

the name of your catalog
the url or ip of your server (like
the port for connecting to your server (a three or four digit number, usually)
the name of the database for connecting to your server
the syntax of your records (usually marc21 or usmarc
the element set (usually F)
the charset (usually marc-8 or utf-8)
the username to connect to your server (optional)
the password to connect to your server (optional)

Z Profile

This is the information required to properly search fields in your profile. Please read and refer to this Library of Congress document for information on how to express attribute mapping and what the attributes mean.

used searching by keyword (often 1=1016)
used for searching by title (often 1=4)
used for searching by author (often 1=1003)
used for searching by subject (often 1=21)
used for searching by isbn (often 1=7)
used for searching by local number, barcode number, or other locally used identifier (often 1=12)
used for searching by call number (often 1=1007)
used for searching by call number (often 1=12)
used for searching by date (often 1=31)

Test Search

To confirm that we can connect to your catalog and retrieve a record, use these fields to run a sample search. You can only search on one field at a time, and the goal is to be able to return a single record using a single search with a unique identifier in order to enable automated record loading for IA. If you intend for IA to use multiple fields for searching your catalog, you'll want to run this search for all of those fields. In order to search on a specific field, you must have filled out the attribute mapping information for that field in the profile section.

the field you want to search in
the term or identifier you are searching for